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It does not matter whether you want to purchase a brands new vehicle or used car for personal or business purposes. We can assist you in lending affordable vehicle financing without hefty paperwork or legwork.

At CashFinancesOnline, you can get a car loan through a fast 3-minute online application. Once we have your loan requirements, we instantly call you and assign an obligation-free loan quote. We ensure that you get your finance on your terms.

Loan Amount

Loan Period

Interest Rates

€1000 - €25000 12 Months - 84 Months 5.37% (based on affordability)

What Are Car Loans?

A car loan is the type of financing offered during a vehicle purchase. People employ this opportunity when they do not desire or cannot purchase a car with their own money.

During this situation, they tend to approach a loan provider to borrow the desired amount before submitting the down payment. Later, they have to repay the borrowed sum and the prescribed interest rates for the agreed loan term in the form of monthly instalments.

As the responsible private lender in Ireland, we suggest you analyse a loan deal carefully. You can compare our loans with any other deal in Ireland. It is vital to know vital facts before shopping for car loans according to your finances.

What is The Difference Between a Car Loan And Car Finance?

Before revealing the features of our car loans, we think it is important to describe how a car loan differs from car finance in Ireland. Many people get confused about these terms and later make the wrong decision. We do not want that you make the same error.

A private lender usually offers a car loan. Although you have a personal loan Ireland bad credit option to explore, going for the specific option is always handy in terms of interest rates. On the other hand, car finance is generally available from car dealers. They apply specific car finance deals according to the cars’ categories.

Here is the basic difference between car loan and car finance.

Car Loans

Car Finance

Applied from a Private Lender Available from Car Dealers and Lender both
Unsecured or Secured Mostly Secured
Flexible Interest Rates Fixed Interest Rates
No Impact of poor credit scores Usually, a good credit score required
Availability of Part-time Income Approval only on Full-time Income

Which Varieties Are Available on Car Finance in Ireland?

You can apply for car loans in a secured or unsecured way. When you sign a secured car loan agreement, the lender will take your car as the loan security. You have submitted it as the loan collateral, and thus the lender possesses the right to sell the car if you are unable to make the repayments in the agreed term.

On the other hand, if you opt for an unsecured car loan option, you are free from this worry as no asset is needed to secure the amount. In this case, the risk increases for the lender. Therefore, this type of car loan has higher interest rates than secured loans.

Our company usually deals in unsecured loans, but at the same time, the interest rates are always competitive, which are also affordable to you.

We provide car loans or financing on different varieties based on this philosophy. You can prefer anyone from these according to your capability.

No Credit Check Loans

Yes, we are among very few private lenders in Ireland who offer no credit check car loans. If your recent financial profile is satisfactory, we won’t take an interest in checking your credit score.

Car Finance No Deposit

Unlike other lenders in Ireland, we can offer personalised offers on car finance with no deposit, and that will be with no credit check as well. Again, it depends upon your current credit profile. You can get the entire car loan amount from us.

Loans for Unemployed

Are you jobless? The absence of full-time cannot restrict you from purchasing a new car. You can get approval on your part-time income or the benefits from the government. We are ready to back you by offering tailor-made deals on car finance for the unemployed in Ireland.

How Do I Succeed in Getting Cheap Car Loans?

You have a significant advantage with us in the form of loan pre-approval. We qualify this in the form of an e-document. It includes the loan amount that is affordable to you, possible interest rates and the loan term.

Getting pre-approval is always handy, especially if someone is aspiring for cheap car loans. You can shop for cars according to your entire budget, which includes your savings and the loan amount. It equally implies old cars as well. However, you may get better interest rates on new cars because they have better resale value than used cars.

Moreover, having a pre-approval from us puts you in a better position when you visit the dealership. You now have a budget, and you can choose the car accordingly. More advantages of pre-approval on car loans are:-

  • You have a good idea of how large an amount is sufficient to borrow with car loans at the best rates;
  • You can still purchase your liked car, and you can afford its amount;
  • You can better negotiate with the car dealers

How Can I Increase My Chances of Car Loans with Bad Credit?

Your credit score does have a notable impact when you apply for car finance with bad credit in Ireland. In the general process, the lender tends to check borrowers’ credit histories and scores to estimate how much they can afford.

Every lender would like to call you attractive loan offers if you possess a good credit score. The problems may arrive for those with poor credit scores. The good news is that CashFinancesOnline is there to help you with credible deals on bad credit car finance.

We accept your loan application without any hassle, and the interest rates are competitive in the market. However, we also expect some efforts from your end that may increase your chances of car loans with poor credit.

  • Keep an eye on the Debt-to-Income Ratio: It is very important to your loan acceptance chances. If you have income but have a higher debt-to-income ratio, then you can only get a lower amount to borrow. Therefore, you should keep DTI lower than your monthly income.
  • Amount of Car Down Payment: If you are applying for car loans with bad credit, try as much as possible to pay the higher down payment. It will decrease the lender’s risk as it has to offer only a small amount. In such conditions, we vouch for providing you with the car loan on more favourable terms.
  • Loan Term: Most lenders prefer to offer small loans to those having less-than-perfect credit scores. They do not have to postpone lengthy to get back the allotted amount.
  • Your choice of an old or new car: The vehicle age also matters a lot. However, you have loan approval chances on both new and used cars. Still, new cars have higher chances because of their better resale value.

How Does The Repayment Work on Car Loans for Bad Credit?

Availing of bad credit car loans is indeed a significant responsibility. You can easily purchase the desired vehicle if you have the right financing. The repayments that you make until the loan term can have a major impact on your finances.

It is essential to understand and decide how small or large amount you are comfortable with repaying. In fact, you should take much time to analyse it before obtaining a loan option.

Three factors determine loan repayments:

  • The amount you want to borrow
  • Interest rates
  • Duration of the loan

Based on these factors, the lender frames the monthly loan repayment. Remember, the monthly instalments will have the amalgamation of both the principal amount and the interest rates. Since you have poor credit scores, repaying the loan on time is crucial. It can have a favourable effect on your credit score.

Why is Cashfinancesonline Among The Best Choices for Car Loans in Ireland?

Would you like to know the reasons why choosing us for car loans in Ireland? We can give you a surplus of explanations like:

Affordable Interest Rates

No Upfront Fees

Faster Loan Acceptance

You get the most manageable rates with us on your car loan deal. We do not charge anything in the form of upfront costs or ongoing fees. We deal only online, and thus, you will have your loan on the same day.

Lower interest rates on electric vehicles

Flexible Lending Norms

Easy to Submit Application

You have a better chance of the lowest interest rates in Ireland if you purchase an electric vehicle Whether the loan term or repayment option, you can choose according to your financial situation. Our quick and small loan application process suits everyone. One can apply from anywhere in Ireland.

Car Loans'sFAQs

I want to apply for car loans after bankruptcy. Should i get approval?

It is very tough to get car loans after declaring bankruptcy. We suggest you improve your financial profile and seek any loan approval chances. We promise you if you improve your current finances, you may get loan approval from us.

How much can you borrow with a bad credit score?

Generally, we are providing the loan for a maximum of €25000. As far as people with bad credit scores are concerned, they can fetch the maximum amount of up to €15000 depending upon their loan affordability and recent financial commitments.

Do I have to submit any document or asset if I have a very bad credit car loan?

It is often tough for those with very poor credit scores to avail of a car loan. CashFinancesOnline still provides a chance to borrow money if you have been earning a stable income for the last 6 months and showing us income proof as well. However, we do not require any assets since the loan amount will be small only.

How lengthy will it take time to get money in the account?

You will receive your car loan amount within 24 hours of the application submitted. We maintain distance from unnecessary formalities and work on a loan application on an immediate basis.

How do car loans affect credit scores?

Like any other loans, car loans also have some impact on the borrowers’ credit scores. If you repay on time and pledge an asset to secure the amount, you can improve your credit score significantly. Any missing or no repayment can negatively impact your credit profile.

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